My name is Karen Warr, I am the president of Books N’ Billing, which is a full service book keeping company. I met Mike Ricks through the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce and was intrigued as he is also a U.S. Air Force veteran like myself. He came in and just sat with me to figure out how we could do business together. I was growing my QuickBooks services and needed to expand and enhance the server services that I was providing. They were able to work up a plan that followed along the lines of what I was interested in developing of technology and implementation was phenomenal. It has been a very good partnership! We have not had any continuous outage since working with them. We have upgraded to some seriously good hardware, and we’ve moved our services into a data center which they manage for us. They always know if anything is out or down before I do and my customers have been very happy.
- Karen Warr - Books N’ Billing
Hi, I’m Betsy Farmer and I’m the executive director and co-found of Promise in Brevard which is a housing development for young adults with disabilities. The team have been such an amazing blessing to Promise. We are such a small organization and we were really struggling in the I.T. department and they came in and did an evaluation of what we needed. They came in and just revamped everything and really listened to us. They helped us determine what it was that we needed to do now and what we could wait until later and that was a real nice personal touch that you don’t always get. It has been so wonderful to work with them, they are very timely. They really care about what they are doing and how they are helping us to do our job better. They flipping rock!
- Betsy Farmer
Managed Technologies helped bring our company up to the times in the IT world. Not only that, but they have a great working relationship with most of our employees which makes it easier to work with them. Managed Technologies took time to understand where our company wants to be moving forward so we can adequately future proof ourselves instead of playing catch up. Their crew has been able to get us out of quite a few tight situations. Any project we throw at them, they accomplish.
- Executive Administrator - Coastal Hyundai Mitsubishi
The communication flow is amazing and it’s start to finish. I never have to reach out to them to say what’s going on, it’s rather we are kept apprised step by step as everything is continually being fixed or attended to. I never have to chase after them. They are very quick to respond to our phone calls and emails. Their services have definitely assisted us, any down time we have had with our cloud based system they have been on it so our down time is minimal. They go straight to the cloud company that we work with and take the trouble shooting out of our hands so we are able to do other things to keep our business running properly.
- Theresa Brigante - Emprise Innovations
We have been with Managed Technologies for almost five years and have had nothing but a great response. We call them almost on a daily basis because we have four stores and multiple computers, servers so there is always something. We are always taken care of whether it is remotely or coming onsite and it has always been great. We put in tickets by email, or sometimes I text or call and always get constant contact on the tickets letting us know the status of the ticket. It’s a wonderful service. The service has improved the bottom line not having itemized bills or having to worry about how long they are working just knowing that it’s going to be taken care of. The other part of that is that I was involved in personally running here and there trying to fix things myself and so personally my time bottom line has been improved a lot. I have a lot more time to do the things in the business that I need to be doing.
- Jeremy Lloyd - Perkins Medical Supply