Auto Dealerships

Car Dealership Managed Technologies understands the importance of uptime, reliability and speed when it comes to dealing with large Auto Dealerships. The term time is money is just not enough! Minutes of computer or network related problems could cost your dealership thousands in potential loss of revenue and create aggravation for your customers. The car buying experience starts with the sales rep and ends at delivery. We know that it takes a complex network to get there. We manage and design large area wireless networks to assist in the sales and service mobile devices that are needed to service your customers. We work with a number of your vendors from telecommunication, DMS providers, copier lease company and more to ensure you spend more of your time servicing your customers and making the car buying experience fast and friendly.


shutterstock_107651279Managed Technologies loves engineering firms because they understand the value of technology. The latest technology helps your firm respond quickly and efficiently, whether you’re rendering part drawings, shipping an order or uploading a security document. Having a one- or two-minute edge over the competition can mean winning or losing a major contract. Our IT solutions help give you that edge.

We provide top-quality service plans for engineering firms that fit their specific requirements and goals for growth. Our custom service plans offer cloud solutions, network security, website hosting and design, document storage, backup solutions, and remote capabilities.


shutterstock_193500890Financial companies have their credibility, reliability and security on the line. Managed Technologies makes sure you have the technology in place to ensure the dependability of customer data, protect data integrity, ensure compliance with government regulatory requirements, ensure business service availability, and increase margins through operational efficiency.

Managed Technologies offers services that help ensure your company maintains the high standards of the world’s largest financial services companies, at a cost that fits your budget. We offer a range of services, including network security, backup solutions, cloud options, website design and hosting, application hosting and more, all customized to a service plan that fits the needs of your specific business.


shutterstock_390902179Medical practices are making the move to Electronic Medical Records, or EMR. Managed Technologies partners with EMR/EHR providers to offer a fully managed suite of services that lowers the cost of implementing the technology while helping your practice increase its revenue.

The benefits offered by Managed Technologies include:

  • A complete technology solution that gives doctors time to focus on patients
  • Lower costs and ease of implementation
  • Secure, reliable, HIPAA-compliant data access
  • Staff highly trained in current HIPAA regulations and compliance

We help medical professionals focus on their core talents while obviating the need to make huge investments in technology and system management. We structure our custom service plans to take the worry out of IT infrastructure and let medical providers focus on their patients.

Managed Technologies has created relationships with top-tier software vendors, hardware vendors, data centers, local partnerships and practice management specialists, bringing together all the components necessary to ensure our clients’ success. This partnership uniquely positions us to deliver solutions to healthcare providers quickly and affordably, all while meeting government regulations, with minimal interruptions to patient care and billing.

We offer a full range of services, all under HIPAA compliance, including network security, document imaging and storage, backup solutions and remote access. Our highly trained staff stays up to the minute on HIPAA regulations and compliance.

For more information, please contact a knowledgeable Managed Technologies sales representative and ask about our healthcare/EMR solutions.

shutterstock_282836855Managed Technologies understands the unique needs of legal professionals. We can provide a virtual vault for your documents and network.

We offer customized service plans that focus on network security, government regulation requirements, document imaging and storage, backup solutions, cloud solutions, and remote access. We also offer support for specialized applications such as PCLaw, Time Matters, Timeslips and QuickBooks, among others.

We understand the need for legal professionals to be able to access sensitive information in a timely matter. Being able to pull up legal documents on a laptop while in court could mean the difference between winning and losing a case for your client. We help your firm leverage technology to gain a competitive edge in your field.


shutterstock_221144668Partnering with Managed Technologies will save your nonprofit money and provide a predictable IT budget.

Managed Technologies understands that for a not-for-profit organization (NPO), every cent matters. Because we want to help nonprofit organizations positively impact the communities in which we do business, we have created a number of special service plans just for NPOs.

We know that the savings of a not-for-profit organization can have a tangible impact on lives within our community, so we have developed special pricing for all of our offerings. We can help stretch your IT budget, allowing you to meet all of your technology needs.

Real Estate

shutterstock_401695006Managed Technologies understands that most real estate agents don’t work in an office all day. They have clients to respond to on the fly, houses to prepare for showing, banks to respond to and long hours of paperwork to finish.

We offer customized service plans that fit your needs and budget, whether you’re a large real estate company or a single real estate agent working out of a home office. Our plans offer services that will ensure that information important to you and your clients is secure but accessible from any device, all over the United States.

Let Managed Technologies help you navigate and implement the technology that will give you an edge over the competition. Grow your business with powerful listings and faster responses. With our help, you can showcase houses not just in your backyard, but around the world.