Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Managed Technologies uses remote management tools and a fully trained service desk staff from our headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. Our unique monitoring tools, along with our amazing staff, allow us to manage any IT environment from anywhere in the country. When an on-site visit is required, we use established partnerships in each area to meet the agreed-upon service level of support and response time.
Managed Technologies maintains a working partnership with local data centers that allows us to offer a broad range of services at an affordable price for your business’ needs.
Yes, we support many businesses that have multiple locations. Once we have determined your business’ operational structure, we are able to provide a service agreement that includes all locations at an affordable cost.
Managed Technologies does not offer set standard pricing or a one-size-fits-all pricing model. We customize each service agreement to fit the needs and budget of the business. Each business has unique needs, goals and budgets; you should never have to change your business to fit someone else’s mold for IT support.
With a break/fix scenario, most businesses wait until a problem has become an unbearable pain to them. They wait to fix small issues because of unpredictable bills and resolution time. With Managed Technologies, we offer managed services at an affordable monthly cost. Managed services save your business the overhead cost of having to hire internal IT staff, allow you to contact us whenever there is a problem, and improve productivity. Managed Technologies provides proactive maintenance 24/7/365. We resolve issues before they become problems. Our services help improve business productivity, because your employees won’t be waiting on slow network connections or errors in their systems.
The technicians and staff at Managed Technologies are internally tested and audited on a monthly basis. We send monthly short surveys to each of our clients to help us monitor our technicians and account managers to ensure quality service is being received. We hold our staff to the highest quality standards.
Managed Technologies provides support after hours and on weekends, as determined by the service level agreement. There is always an on-call technician to respond to your needs. We understand that not every business runs 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, so every service agreement is drafted with your business hours in mind.
Managed Technologies compiles an extensive documentation of the entire network during the first three months of a contract and consistently updates this documentation throughout the term of the contract. Our account managers meet monthly with each client’s senior management to discuss network health, improvements, upgrades, or implementations of higher quality technologies that may benefit the organization.
While there are many benefits to having a managed service agreement over a break/fix scenario, here are a few specifics: a. One set monthly cost, reducing your overhead cost by up to 30 percent b. Reduced responsibilities for internal departments such as human resources, managers, etc. c. Improved network performance and access as systems are monitored and updated 24/7/365 d. Improved employee satisfaction as their IT needs are met in a timely manner. You don’t have to wait for an issue to get worse; you can contact us for any IT need without the fear of a bill e. Ensured continuity in your IT infrastructure f. Ensured network security and reliability